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Start Date: 24 Aug 20
End Date: 28 Aug 20
Fee: R 27600.00 incl. VAT per person


Henk Volschenk
+27 (0)21 959 4348
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Province: Western Cape
Suburb: Bellville
City: Cape Town

ENERGY AND CLIMATE ACADEMY: Wind Energy For Engineers & Technicians

Course Objectives To introduce newly hired engineers to the world of the wind energy thus save time and energy on attaining this knowledge within the first year of their employment. Both the participants and his/hers colleagues will save time. Introducing newly hired engineers to the complex mechanics of wind turbine business in general.

DAY 1: The Wind Industry, Wind Energy, The Kinetic Energy of the Wind, Wind Spectrum, Power Curve and Energy Yield, Calculation of a Project

DAY 2: Wind Turbine Mechanics, Loads on Wind Turbines, Wind Turbine Applications, Aerodynamics, Stall-Pitch and Variable Speed, Various Brands of Wind Turbines

DAY 3: Grid Connection, Generators, Power Quality, Power over Run, Wind Power Projects

DAY 4: Design Basis, Load Analysis, Wind Turbine Design Loads, Physics and Modelling 

Price: R24,000.00 (Excl VAT)