SARETEC Solar PV Installer Course


The SARETEC Solar PV Installer course is a 5-day short course and it emphasizes the physical practical aspects of mounting solar modules on the roof, wiring of the combiner box, the inverter and the distribution box. This learning opportunity will empower the candidate to apply special regulations such as the Building Regulations of South Africa (SANS 10400) and associated South African National Standards (SANS 10142-1 (Edition 2).

Course objective

At the end of the course the participants will be able to perform the tasks expected of a Solar PV Installer who would be able to design, conduct the proper planning method and install and commission a solar PV system. To enable the candidate to do this they will learn about:

  • PV History and Technology
  • Safety
  • Basics of Electricity
  • Overview of PV Systems (Grid-tied and off-grid)
  • Mounting Systems
  • System Sizing grid-tied
  • Faulty Installations
  • Wiring of PV Systems
  • PV system commissioning


None. The course is open to all participants who desires to gain knowledge in Solar PV.  A good understanding of electrical principles are recommended for the ease of understanding the course content.