SARETEC Solar PV Course

The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) being the advocate for Solar PV in the country, has facilitated the development and successfully launched the South African PV GreenCard, a quality assurance mechanism to ensure that PV systems are installed responsibly and sustainably. Through these mechanisms, SAPVIA has identified the minimum requirements to acceptably install rooftop PV systems. In December 2016 a new Solar PV Technician Qualification, which was developed in partnership with merSETA, was registered and approved by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA ID No 99447).

The qualification provides a national curriculum and presents four part-qualifications, one of which specifies the required skills to become a PV installer (skills are defined by specific exit outcomes). Based on the “Solar PV Installer” part qualification, SAPVIA together with SARETEC and GreenCape with support from GIZ and DGS Berlin, in partnership with merSETA (the appointed development and assessment quality partner) have developed a 1-week reference training course tailored to PV installers in the market. In designing and drafting this course, international experts worked for over a year to assist with the training outline and material in line with the national Solar PV Technician Qualification.

The training curriculum of the 5 Day SAPVIA reference PV Installer Course covers the QCTO defined exit outcomes for the Solar PV Installer part-qualification (Knowledge Modules, Practical Skills Modules and Work Experience Modules)