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What is the PV GreenCard?

The PV GreenCard is an as built report for the Solar PV system owner and a checklist for the installer which qualified installers provide to their clients on the completion of a project. The PV GreenCard contains details of the installation such as, what sort of PV modules and PV inverters were used, as well a checklist of all of the necessary installation steps that were completed. The installer is able to use the PV GreenCard to declare compliance with relevant standards as well as safety guidelines for PV installation. This will provide investor confidence, commitment from participating industry players and empowerment of the Solar PV system owner. The PV GreenCard is an industry led quality label that is inclusive in nature and becomes the key to ensure a high standard of quality for small-scale Solar PV installations. It is recommended that a PV GreenCard should be issued with every small-scale Solar PV installation by suitable qualified installers.

How can a PV GreenCard be issued?

All Solar PV installation companies are welcome to register on the SAPVIA database. Once you have registered your company, you will have the ability to register all qualifying installers who are registered with the Department of Labor (DoL) and have successfully completed the Solar PV Assessment. It is important to note that only these installers would be able to submit a PV GreenCard.

For more info see:https://www.pvgreencard.co.za/

The Solar PV Assessment

The South African PV GreenCard is a safety certification, a quality assurance standard, and training programme for solar PV installers. Quality and safety are assured via the specialized education and training provided to solar PV installers prior to them being certified and registered on the PV GreenCard database. This certification means that these installers are proficient and compliant with all of the relevant national and municipal electrical regulations. On completion of an installation, a certified PV GreenCard installer will issue the client with both a digital and physical document that details all of the specifications of the solar PV system as well as a checklist that all of the required installation steps have been completed to the required standard. This document can in turn be used as proof of compliance for insurance, finance, and regulatory purposes.

SAPVIA together with GreenCape developed the “Solar PV Assessment” for PV installers. The aim of this assessment was to vet installers in order to ensure the integrity of the PV industry. This assessment was designed to be endorsed by industry association and has been developed in accordance with the national qualification.

The 2 day assessment includes a theoretical as well as a practical assessment where candidates are required to mount PV installations on a simulated roof environment. The purpose of this assessment is primarily to ascertain competency of installers and vet their abilities in order to gain access to the PV GreenCard quality programme. In addition this pilot assessment served to inform the full assessment and will be used as a guide for the development of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Toolkit for the Solar PV service technician qualification.

For more info see: https://www.pvgreencard.co.za/about/

Solar PV Training and Assessment providers

SARETEC and Training partners are approved training providers of Solar PV courses and SARETEC is a SAPVIA endorsed PV GreenCard assessment centre.

(It is highly recommended that a Solar PV course is completed and experienced gained prior to attempting the assessment.)

The assessment constitutes:

Theoretical assessment of approximately max.4 hours, which comprises of:

  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • Solar PV Fundamentals
  • Site Inspection
  • Solar PV System Design
  • Solar PV Installation
  • SANS 10142 standards and municipal compliance
  • Inspecting and Testing

Practical assessment of approximately max. 12 hours, which comprises of:

  • Installation work (Main components i.e Panels etc.)
  • Quality of work (i.e Conduit or Trunking)
  • Circuits (DC) (i.e Combiner box, DC disconnectors)
  • Circuits (AC) (i.e Inverter or AC disconnectors)
  • Distribution Board (i.e Components, wiring, safety)
  • Installation Test (Testing: Earth Continuity, Earth Leakage, Insulation resistance)
  • Supply Cable and Incoming Earth (i.e sizing, SANS)
  • Loading of Circuits
  • Material List
  • Safety (Observation)
  • Use of materials and tools (Observation)

Please Note: To prevent the risk of running this learning opportunity at a loss, SARETEC will only present the course if there are a minimum of six (6) paid participants attending the learning opportunity. SARETEC will confirm with you in writing through an email informing you at least three (3) working days minimum before the start date of the course whether the learning opportunity is taking place or not.