4th call for applications for wind turbine service technician program

The Wind Energy Industry is expanding rapidly in South Africa and in this fast growing industry numerous well trained staff, especially service technicians, is needed. Wind Turbine Service Technicians (WTST) are specialized in servicing and maintaining modern multi-megawatt wind turbine systems and are one of the key job-drivers for developing the renewable energy industry. The South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre (SARETEC) is the sole training provider in South Africa for this very specialised course and is now calling for applications for the next training course starting 5 February 2018.

The aim is to have the programme sponsored by the SAWEP 2 funding which will cover the course fee, with a conservative stipend for the successful bursary holder.

Applicants paying for themselves, please note the cost of R 65000.00 (ex VAT). It should be noted that costs, such as accommodation and living expenses, may vary and is ultimately the responsibility of the applicant, however upon successful application a possibility of a small stipend is possible, but not guaranteed as it is at the discretion of the sponsor.

For full details of the Application Form and Requirements, please see Part A and B that are attached.

All completed applications to be submitted electronically to medhurstj@cput.ac.za and couriered by 1 November 2017 to:

The South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre
c/o: Mrs J Medhurst

Sacks Circle, Bellville Industrial, Bellville South, Cape Town

or by post to

P O Box 1906, Bellville, 7535
Symphony Way, Bellville South Industrial, Cape Town, 7530